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"William is a lifesaver! If it weren’t for him and his ability to release the tension in my muscles, I wouldn’t be walking today. He’s better than a physical therapist. He knows just how to locate the muscle which throws my back out and relieve the tension which extends down to my knee. I’m fortunate to have him as part of my approach to overall fitness."
Jessica St.Clair, MS, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist MFT 33138

"William helped me with the pain in my shoulder. I could not believe after just one visit I had more range of motion. William explains how Hotspot Therapy works. And the best part is it works. If you are tired of living with pain like I was you should try Hotspot Therapy."
Betsy A.

"I was truly suffering and William was able to provide almost immediate relief! Really nice man as well."
Philip K.

"Great place to get all the kinks out of your muscles! I had serious neck pain and William was able to fix it for me. The place looks really nice and was very comfortable for me. The music relaxed me and afterwards I had more positive energy and my neck felt much better also. Good place to go!"
Dana P.

"I’ve been going to William for about 2 years now! My friend and I run track together and we found him really helpful by relieving pain. Also by relieving that pain we ran faster! We were able to run more loose and flow better. I will always continue to go to William when I am on at home. He is also a really nice guy."
Gia T.

"I have been a client of Demor System for over a year and highly recommend them. In a short time Hotspot Therapy (a unique massage technique) has relieved the pain and tension in my back, neck, and shoulders while also improving my mobility and flexibility . T.E.A.M. W.O.R.K.O.U.T. has increased my strength and endurance. Pain is an issue that I dealt with on and off for years, using chiropractors and physical therapy with varying success. Hotspot Therapy has worked for me. I feel healthier and stronger than I have in years. Demor Hotspot Therapy’s treatment concept is to locate the source of pain where there is inflammation in the body and then work through the pain specifically on those “hot spots” to eliminate pain and inflammation. This is not a “fluff” massage, rather it is a focused treatment. William Kennamore MA,and CMT has over twenty years of experience and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He goes out of his way with genuine care and concern to solve each clients problems. He has a great combination of skills to improve physical health and well being."
Denise D.